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We would like to thank all of our guests for their many valuable suggestions and ideas for improving our services and making La Posada the best place to stay at El Potrero Chico.

We thank all our fiends who have contribuited somehow with La Posada, and in the making of this new website, with information, images, ideas, designing, suggestions, etc.  Luisa LaRock, John Courtney, Rob and Chris, Paul and Karen, Migue and Sandra, Jimmy Navarrete, Peter Henniger, Abe Schneider, Dan Salinas, Earl and Glenda, Ian Villescas, Roy C, Andy and Kate, Rainbow,  Sabine and Michael, Sofia V, Lizy Gza, Martha Alicia, Bernardo Ortiz,  ESP, Brenda Sanchez, Esteban Gzz, Rod and Cinthya, Simeon, Tammy and Ed, Jean-Ives, Frank, Chris Chung, Kevin, Coco, Kary, Paul, Tios Carlos, Alex, Betony, Saraly, Eduardo, Telly, Elfido, Adriana,  Rodri y Alex, Andres Villasante, Ana C. Rosas, Romain Gagnon, Tony and Lolo Mayse, Dottie Cross, Gary Ellis, Stephanie Antezana, Ben Raby, Nazz, Jay and Jenny, Zaida Paredes, Mayra L, Chris Harrell, Angelina Quiroz, Lauris Junco, David y Mely, Homar Jasso, Martin y Tim, Juany Gzz, Mire, Juan Bom, Olga Rdz, Dane Bass y Kita, Becket, Lizard, Sayuri.

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