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Thanks for your interest in volunteering at La Posada in El Potrero Chico.  We are always excited to have people volunteer with us, but we only have a few positions to fill.  Even if we cannot offer you a position at this time, please come and stay with us and when something opens, you will already be here and ready to go.  


In order to ensure the best experience for our volunteers and the La Posada team, we believe it is important to set clear expectations and guidelines.  Before answering the “volunteer questionnaire”,  please review the FAQs and make sure you agree to the terms of volunteering. We hope to see you soon!


  • How many hours will I be volunteering?

    • 25 hours a week


  • Will I receive an exchange for volunteering?

    • Yes!  You will be able to camp for free (you must bring your own tent) in exchange for 20-25 hours a week. 

      • Just imagine waking up, rolling out of your tent, and looking at the beautiful mountains!

    • Perhaps the greatest compensation comes from the community that you will be a part of.  We value the community at La Posada and hope that you will bring your own energy and positive spirit to the La Posada family!

    • Additional perks of volunteering include 1-2 meals a day when available.  YUM!!

    • What volunteer opportunities are available?

    • Cooks - experienced

    • Dishwashers

    • Waitresses / Waiters - experienced (bilingual preferred)

    • Barman / Barista (bilingual preferred)

    • Gardener and maintenance

    • Housekeepers 

    • Massage therapist – Knowledge of different massage techniques (bilingual preferred)

    • Yoga Instructor (bilingual preferred)

    • Maintenance of hiking trails

    • English teacher (adults and kids)

    • German teacher (kids)

    • French teacher (kids)

    • Mandarin teacher (kids)

  • What is the minimum time I can volunteer?

    • We prefer volunteers to work 2 months or longer.  However, we are willing to work with people if they can commit to 1 month


  • Can I go explore other areas in Mexico while volunteering?

    • Yes, but please give us 2 weeks in advance if you are going to be gone more than 1 day.  We prefer that you help find a replacement or get your shift covered by other volunteers. Remember- communication is key!


  • I am interested in teaching yoga, dance, massage therapy, or another skill set that I am trained in.  What is the process to do this at La Posada?  How will I be compensated?

  • Great!  We love to offer our guests specialized services.  You will still need to read over this document and fill out the questionnaire.  

  • Compensation for teaching courses is calculated below:

    • For every participant in your course, you will give La Posada 30% of your earnings.  You may charge whatever price you would like.  However, the participants will pay La Posada and then we will pay you at the end of your committed timeframe. 

  • ***If you wish to teach courses, you still have to pay for camping unless you are also volunteering at least 20 hours a week. 

  • In the case of language instructors a 6 -10 hr a week required 


  • Do I have to speak Spanish in order to volunteer?

    • While we prefer that you can speak English and Spanish, it is not required.  However, you must be able to speak English and have a basic understanding and willingness to learn some Spanish. 

Please review our core values.  You must agree to these before volunteering at La Posada. 


  • Strong work ethic

  • Service-oriented

  • Loyalty- community/family-oriented 

  • Respect

  • Hard Work

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Community

  • Commitment

  • Team oriented


Next steps:

Fill out the volunteer application.

Wait up to 1 week to receive an email back from us at La Posada

If you seem like a great addition to our team, we will then schedule the following:

- Skype, zoom, or Facebook video interview

- Personal assessment survey

- Confirmation interview of dates and responsibilities. 

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