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All our updates on COVID-19 protocols and recommendations will be posted on this section of our website. Please read them carefully if you are planning to visit us. These apply to all visitors during FALL and Winter 2021. changes without notice depending on state regulations.

We care for your health and protection as well as ours at La Posada and we want you to feel at home. Which is why we implemented the following COVID-19 protocols and regulations:

  • We have made the check-in and check-out processes more agile by asking for full information on the reservation process

  • We check everyone’s body temperature upon La Posada’s entrance, including both guests and collaborators. Anyone with a body temperatura not within normal range will be denied access along with their group.

  • All materials and ammenities that are handed to the guest are cleaned and sanitized.

  • We have installed screen panels for social distancing in Reception and at the Restaurant’s cash register.

  • For your convenience, we have placed hand sanitizer on all common areas.

  • We have placed hand washing stations throughout the premises.

  • Access to enclosed common areas has been reduced, as well as the total capacity of the entire hotel.

  • It is required to all guests to send us the acceptance of the COVID-19 protocols and regulations upon reservation. These will be sent to the email provided before any confirmation.

  • All surfaces such as doorknobs, remote controls, doors, showers, bathrooms within rooms and common areas are cleaned and sanitized, as well as all whites provided on our housing options.

  • The use of face mask is mandatory in common areas.

  • There are visual aids available on guest areas regarding health and security regulations and protocols that apply during your visit.

  • In our Restaurant La Tradición, besides the social distancing screens on the cashier and the bar, we will control access with reduced capacity. Previously sealed cutlery and biodegradable plates are being used for food consumption. We also removed all objects from the table that can be a risk hazard. For your safety, we clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces, utensils, as well as consumables and any merchandise that comes from our suppliers.

Covid-19 prevention rules

Protocol upon entry. In order to guarantee safety and access to our premises, it is required to wear a face mask in common areas. Before entry, all visitors and staff’s body temperature will be measured. Please consider that all disposable cups and plates made from styrofoam are not allowed. If you bring some, you must leave it on Reception to be kept until your check-out.


Hand hygiene. It is required to wash and sanitize your hands upon you entry and before you check-in (there is a hand washing station available). You must also do it before entering and leaving any of our facilities.


Your chek-in upon entry. There will only be allowed one person to the office upon entry (the reservation holder). They will be responsible to pass on the rules to the rest of the group and to sign on behalf of the rest of the members of their party. They will also be the designated person to make any payment pending and making sure that his group wear their bracelets before entering the premises and during your visit. All must respect the rules within premises to guarantee safe social distancing among visitors.

Use of common kitchen. Within the common kitchen, the use of stoves and sinks will be allowed and available to use. However, the area can be used for the consumption of food with social distancing, and to store food in the refrigerator with prior disinfection of what is used.

Use of terrace and Communal lounge and TV room. Allowed with social distancing and use of a mask.

Use of grills. It is limited to 2 persons per group. By the end of your grilling, it will be required of you to return to your camping/room or to an open area and maintain social distancing. 


Use of la Palapa (GAZEBO). This is a shared area. Do not move more than two tables together. Please respect the assigned places.

La Tradición Restaurant. Access to the restaurant will be limited according to state regulations.


Camping areas. Consider social distancing among our guests. This area must be respected.

Llevar suministros de limpieza


  • In consideration of all our guests and their health and safety, we suggest you bring:

  • Tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows for personal use.

  • Tables and chairs for your camping area, as well as for food consumption outdoors, since we will not provide them given the circumstances.

  • Face masks, sanitizars and personal hygiene products.

*We care about the enviroment and do not support the use of cups, plates and cutlery made out from disposable plastic or styrofoam. Please help us to mantain our ecological awareness campaign. 

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