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4.- Pool access is limited up to 22:00 hrs

5.- No pets are allowed at the property.

6.- No parties are allowed and we ask night hours to be respected from 22 hours to 08:00 hours

7. The use of drugs is forbidden.

1.- To ensure best health practices we are following intensive cleaning and desinfection process. Early check is limited to be confirmed at day of arrival (15 Hours) however you are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before store you luggage and enjoy the pool as soon as your room is ready we will check you in.

2.- Check in process.- Arrive to the google maps location, our team will be expecting you with a prefilled sheet. Please have a valid ID with you. If you arrive after 8pm please let us know an estimated time of arrival and send a photo of your ID, our security team will check you in and only give access to the designated room if the name of your ID matches the name of your reservation.

3.- For the privacy and respect of guests. Only registered guests may access the property and use property's amenities.

8. Smoking inside the rooms is forbidden, please use the designated area  for smokers in the patio.

9. The maximum amount of guests per room for King bedding is up to 2 guests, as pero Double bedding is up to 4 guests.

* Penality fees may apply for breaking the property rules

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